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Dental crown at MDental Clinic Hungary

A dental crown is an esthetic solution to replace a missing tooth. It can be a single replacement on a dental implant or on an own tooth of the patient as well as a complete dental bridge. The material of the crown can either be porcelain, metal (we use zirconia in this case) or porcelain fused to metal, which is a kind of an alloy. In case of a cosmetic dental treatment we use all the materials mentioned.

Learn more about dental crowns at MDental Clinic Hungary by reading our posts and articles!

Chris and his stunning smile by Dr. Kemecsei

Dr. Kemecsei, new member of MDental Team has proven his professionalism for the first time in our dental clinic. Bravo!


Interview with Dr. Bodnar about dental check-up in Budapest

We are glad to share with you an interview with our experienced and talented oral surgeon

We had the pleasure to work with Cyndie and Patricia

Meet Cyndie and Patricia, mother and daugther who came to see us from Paris

Life-changing experience in Hungary

Edgar had an amazing time in Budapest while getting his shining smile

Astrit and Dr. Imola Orban

Back to the UK from Hungary with an amazing smile

Read more about Astrit and his dental treatment at our dental clinic abroad, in Budapest!

Getting ready for the big day

Saqib decided to come to our dental clinic in Budapest to get his most charming smile

Laura got a beautiful smile

Read more about Laura and her dental treatment at our dental clinic abroad, in Budapest!

Leaving Budapest with a beautiful smile

Meet Henry who got his porcelain fused metal crowns on his dental implants at the end of the second visit.

Josh was in the best hands at MDental Clinic Hungary

Read the story of the spectecular transformation of Josh’s smile!

First class smile for a splendid lady

First class smile for a splendid lady

Leah’s smile is a perfect example of the coordinated professional dental team work.

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