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    Cosmetic dentistry at MDental Klinik Budapest

    The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to restore or improve the oral image and facial structure of a person with the help of , dental implants, dental crowns, dentures and sometimes with bone grafting or sinuslifting which is an oral surgical procedure. At MDental Clinic Hungary we believe that cosmetic operations should be esthetic, stable, long-lasting and safe at the same time so we use state-of-the-art material and equipment and apply highly trained and experienced dental staff in ordet to serve you with a high quality dental treatment at an affordable price.

    Read the following posts and get to know more about cosmetic dentistry at our dental clinic!

    Zirconia or porcelain crown? Which one would be the best for me?

    When you start looking for a tooth replacement option, you also need to decide about the used material. We will try to help you finding out which one would fit the best for you.

    white diet

    What should I eat after teeth whitening?

    When teeth are lost, the gum and bone recess naturally over time and not enough quantity of bone, the bone grafting will be necessary.

    Teeth whitening – Home or at the dental clinic?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a teeth whitening treatment? Is it safer to use a whitener kit at home or better to go to the dentist?


    Why dental check-ups are important ?

    Dr Adam Bodnar about dental visits and treatments on Netdoctor

    Chris and his stunning smile by Dr. Kemecsei

    Dr. Kemecsei, new member of MDental Team has proven his professionalism for the first time in our dental clinic. Bravo!


    Interview with Dr. Bodnar about dental check-up in Budapest

    We are glad to share with you an interview with our experienced and talented oral surgeon

    We had the pleasure to work with Cyndie and Patricia

    Meet Cyndie and Patricia, mother and daugther who came to see us from Paris

    Life-changing experience in Hungary

    Edgar had an amazing time in Budapest while getting his shining smile

    Astrit and Dr. Imola Orban

    Back to the UK from Hungary with an amazing smile

    Read more about Astrit and his dental treatment at our dental clinic abroad, in Budapest!

    Getting ready for the big day

    Saqib decided to come to our dental clinic in Budapest to get his most charming smile

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