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    Dental treatment abroad, at MDental Clinic Hungary

    The state of our teeth is in a close connection with our general health. This is why it is essential to take care of our teeth and gum or when it is not possible anymore, replace the missing teeth. If it does matter to you how much you should pay for your dental treatment, the possibility to have dental implant abroad is a considerable option.

    On this site you can read reasons about why you should choose a dental clinic abroad and you can also find valuable information about the advantages of the dental treatments performed at our MDental Clinic Hungary.

    MDental.implant smile

    Story of Philippe’s stunning smile: from implants to the final result

    It was fascinating to see the hope on his face at the beginning of each dental implant treatment and the satisfaction in his eyes when he left with the smile, he has always dreamed of.

    white diet

    What should I eat after teeth whitening?

    When teeth are lost, the gum and bone recess naturally over time and not enough quantity of bone, the bone grafting will be necessary.

    Sébastien and the 6 AlphaBio implants

    Sébastien and the 6 AlphaBio implants

    Following the installation of 6 AlphaBio implants and a period of healing, Sébastien revisited our clinic to rework the screws.

    Completed smile

    Completed smile

    Serge has visited our clinic for a complete smile makeover.

    Jane with wonderful new porcelain & zirconia crowns

    Jane with wonderful new crowns

    Jane from the United Kingdom got our special discount of 10% on all her dental treatments.

    Heinz regained his smile

    Heinz regained his smile

    Thanks to a new high-quality material called BioHPP it was a succesfull treatment!


    Summer is here, it’s time to smile!

    This summer our dental clinic offers a discount of 10% on all dental treatment costs. Our special offer is valid until the 31st of July 2017.

    Gaetan spent a week at our dental clinic

    Gaëtan spent one week at our dental clinic

    Gaëtan spent a week at our dental clinic to have his smile fixed by undergoing a dental hygiene treatment and…

    What is dental anesthesia afterall?

    What is dental anesthesia afterall?

    Local anesthesia represents a major progress in the treatment of heavy pain caused during dental treatments, mainly in the case…

    Erica is happy with her zirconia crowns

    Erica is happy with her zirconia crowns

    As it has already been posted here, Erica spent a week at our dental clinic to have her smile fixed...

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