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    Steps of dental implant surgery

    The whole implantation procedure (from implantation to final restoration) varies in each case.

    Possible treatments prior to implantation (necessary only is some cases) Treatment Healing period
    removal of fully decayed tooth sometimes implantation can be done immediately after tooth extraction, while in other cases 3-4 weeks are necessary for bone to heal before implantation
    bone augmentation the jaw bone needs 4-6 months healing period before implantation
    sinus lift (only in case of upper jaw) after sinus lift minimum 8 months is necessary before implantation
    Steps of implantation procedure Treatment Healing period
    implant placement or implantation after implantation jaw bone needs 4-6 months to ossify around implant
    impression for restoration after implant exposure doctor takes impression for final restoration
    fixing abutment and crown final restoration (crown, bridge, full bridge, overdenture or All-on-4) is made in 5 days

    1. Consultation and planning

    During consultation our surgeon or implant specialist evaluates the panoramic X-ray and consult with the patient. If the patient’s general condition and bone tissue are found to make the implant procedure possible, a customized personal treatment plan is prepared. The dentist may order additional examinations or request a CT scan if necessary to check bone mass.

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    2. Implantation

    During 100% painless implantation procedure implant is placed in the jaw bone. After the surgical procedure is performed according to the protocol, the patient is given advice and instructions for the healing period (necessary time for the bone recover). If no sufficient bone tissue is available for implantation, a special surgical procedure called bone augmentation or bone graft is provided to replace missing bone tissue.

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    3. Healing time

    During the next 3-6 months (healing time) after implantation, the implant heals under the gum, i.e. the implant integrates in the jaw bone. During this period the patient has to maintain perfect oral hygiene and take medications as instructed.

    4. Final restoration

    After healing period the final restoration is built on the implant or implants. There are many types of restoration on implants from simple solutions (single crown on one implant or bridge on two implants) to full restorations (full bridge on 6-8 implants, All-on-4  and removable overdentures). The latter restoration solution is often referred to as overdenture.

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    If you have no teeth in the lower jaw, and are not yet ready for multiple implant placements, a conventional lower denture can be replaced by a removable overdenture.

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    5. Check-up

    The long-term success of the implant and the artificial tooth built on it cannot be guaranteed without careful oral hygiene; therefore, it is very important that the patient maintains, and improves if necessary, his or her oral hygiene. After the prosthetic procedure, patients have a check-up examination at least every year to check oral hygiene and the function and stability of the implant.

    How much does dental implant cost?

    The costs of an implantation basically depend on the complexity of the operation, the used materials and suggested prosthetic works. Possible bone grafting or sinus lift can also affect the costs. So the costs of implantation treatments are not easy to compare.

    Below you can find two typical cost examples for porcelain crown(s) on implants (3 unit porcelain bridge on two implants and full porcelain bridge on six implants) prepared for you to better understand the cost and see the necessary treatments. Please note that sinus lift and bone grafting is not included in the calculation.

    Cost example for porcelain bridge of 3 crowns on two implants
    Cost in € Cost in £
    Treatment Pcs. Price Fee/jaw Price Fee/jaw
    Consultation 1 0 € 0 € 0 £ 0 £
    CT scan 1 100 € 100 € 75 £ 75 £
    AlphaBio Implant 2 478 € 956 € 362 £ 724 £
    AlphaBio Abutment 2 175 € 350 € 138 £ 276 £
    Tempopary clip (3 unit) 1 165 € 165 € 132 £ 132 £
    Porcelain crown on implant 2 230 € 460 € 175 £ 350 £
    Porcelain crown 1 199 € 199 € 153 £ 153 £
    Total 2 230 € Total 1 710
    Cost example for full porcelain bridge on 6 implants (per jaw)
    Cost in € Cost in £
    Treatment Pcs. Price Fee/jaw Price Fee/jaw
    Consultation 1 0 € 0 € 0 £ 0 £
    CT scan 1 100 € 100 € 75 £ 75 £
    AlphaBio Implant 6 478 € 2 868 € 362 £ 2 172 £
    AlphaBio Abutment 6 175 € 1 050 € 138 £ 828 £
    Temporary denture 1 385 € 385 € 269 £ 269 £
    Porcelain crown on implant 6 230 € 1 380 € 175 £ 1 050 £
    Porcelain crown 6 199 € 1 194 € 153 £ 918 £
    Total 6 977 € Total 5 312

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