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    Leaving Budapest with a beautiful smile

    After some research and calculation, Henry decided to visit our dental clinic in Budapest. He came two times for his dental treatment in Hungary. First, some oral surgery needed to be done and his dental implants were placed within 4 days. A couple of months later, after the healing period has passed, he came back to get his brand new porcelain crowns on the dental implants in Hungary.
    Thank you, Henry, for honoring us with your trust. We are pleased that we could help you to get back your confident smile.

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    1. roger farrell says:

      Hello ..i would like to visit your practise to have my teeth and gums accessed for upper implants and lower implants.
      I have had my upper teeth removed except for one tooth and am missing a lot on the lower mouth.
      Ideally i would like to know if my gums are OK for implants.
      Roger Farrell

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